“Talks with…” Lectures about intellectual property

Together with the lawyers of de Merkplaats CC Proof regularly travels around the Netherlands to give lectures about intellectual property. From students to start-ups, from Groningen to Rotterdam: there is a need for more knowledge about this important jurisdiction.

For whom?

Especially in the creative academies, we have noticed a lack of awareness of intellectual property law. For creative people, it is particularly important to know what rights they have with regard to their creations.
Law students can also learn something from the ‘Talks with…’ discussions. In university, law students get to have relatively little experience about actual legal practice. Fortunately, Merkplaats, with its over fifteen years of experience in intellectual property law, is willing to share its practical knowledge in the ‘Talks with…’.

Talks with…

The lectures are entitled ‘Talks with…’, because a dialogue is held with the group. Every group is interested in a different aspect of law. Students at Nyenrode Business University, for example, asked:

“A friend designed a logo for us. Do we now have rights to this logo?”

And at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, we were asked questions like:

“I designed a logo for a friend. Do the rights to the logo reside with me, or with that friend?”

The interaction during the lecture ensures that every group gets the information it needs. We encourage interaction by rewarding correct answers and good questions with a Dopper®.


Where are they already aware?

Where are they already aware?ELON&ROCKSTART

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