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Why would you like to be a partner?

A partner – signified by our official wax seal – is associated with innovation and trustworthy online services. In addition, partners enjoy the following benefits

1. As a partner you contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR). CC Proof is entirely digital. No brochures, no paper invoices and no scooters. We aspire to work in a sustainable manner, benefiting both man and the environment.

2. Visitors to the partner’s website that are forwarded via the hyperlink to CC Proof, will see the following text: ‘CC Proof in cooperation with the partner’ (the name of the partner).

3. The visitor of the partner’s website that becomes a CC Proof® client will have every document that is admitted, digitally stamped with the wax seal of CC Proof supplemented with the text ‘in cooperation with the partner’ (the name of the partner). This service is highly appreciated by our existing clients. CC Proof® uniquely ties the partner’s name to client’s copyright till the end of time.

4. The partner’s website will be highly regarded by her visitors. You offer a broader perspective, an easy way of registering and a chance of exploiting the registered works.

5. The partner receives a 10% kickback for every client that signs up for a €75 subscription (per year).

Our partners

Law firms
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Communication partners
Second SightFormathouseLimetreeStylink: serious businessBelastingadviseur.nlTOPIQIE-Forum.nlY A S N Y1nspiringPresent Your StartupL&DJLoesjeVERSVERSWit vlak

Media companies
WinterMedia BVAnimotusSport & MediaVERSVERS

Partners for starters and new talent
StartupandRunningPresent Your StartupDeUpstarterThisisgatheriBusiness StudioPytchTalentenbeurs.nlYoung StartupInnovation Leadership30 dagen LabStartFlex BV

Dido DesignFor designer Alfred van Elk the product is his focus, through which he aims to convey something about the client, the market, and society at large. He develops high-quality products that are long lastingKlimt02DesignlinkUitvinders.nlEibert DraismaMichiel van DijkSIERAAD Art FairBNOBNIVitrapointWit vlak


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