What is possible to register?

Every document, for which you must, at some point, be able to prove that it is your creation and your property. This could be one of the following: blueprints, recipes, legal documents, accounts, manuscripts, film scripts, song lyrics, ideas, radio or television formats, photographic materials, designs, computer software, contracts, business plans, concepts for new products or services, minutes from meetings – you name it. As long as the file is in PDF format it is possible to register it.


Why should an idea be registered?

Every year, thousands of documents, both digital as well as those on paper, are stolen or changed without approval. And that’s not all: a great deal of intellectual property is stolen even before it is officially registered. Obstacles to registration are often the bureaucratic bother and the high costs associated with registration. The CC Proof concept breaks through these barriers by making the rapid registration of documents accessible and affordable for everyone.


When is my idea protected?

In the Netherlands, your intellectual work is automatically protected under copyright from the moment you create it. However, you must be able to demonstrate that you created it, at any rate, before someone else claims that they have. If you register your work with CC Proof, you will be able to prove quickly and easily that your work is your intellectual property, as well as the date it became yours. This is why it is so important to register intellectual property as quickly as possible. The best method is to register all of the designs for your idea during their development, and after each phase of development (concept, draft, basis, detail, final) in order to safeguard the integral legal protection of the entire idea.


What is the difference between registering my work with a lawyer or civil-law notary, and registering it with CC Proof?

In principle, there is no difference. Both types of registration are legally binding and may be used to demonstrate that your work is your intellectual property. The advantage of CC Proof is that registration with CC Proof is considerably less expensive, and certainly if you plan to register ideas on a regular basis. Additionally, CC Proof has been developed in partnership with civil-law notaries and lawyers specialising in intellectual property law. These civil-law notaries were also involved in the CC Proof concept as ambassadors.


For how long is my idea protected?

As was indicated previously, the copyright arises at the time your idea is created. By registering the idea, you will receive proof of the time your idea was created. Copyright protection continues until 70 years after the death of the author.


Can I register my clients’ work with CC Proof?

Yes, as long as you have made clear agreements with your client regarding intellectual property rights.


In whose name should I register my idea?

If it is your own idea, you can have it registered in your own name. If you have invented the idea together with someone else, you can have it registered in several different names. It is also possible to register the idea in a company’s name.


Is registration with CC Proof confidential?

Registration with CC Proof is 100% confidential. Your idea will automatically be stored safely away in the digital Safe.


Can I modify/adapt my registered work at a later time?

Once they have been registered, documents are authentic and may not be adapted or modified. The best option is to change or modify your document on your own computer, and then re-register it.


Am I legally protected if my work is misusedand/or stolen?

You can verify the exact date and time of your registration with CC Proof at all times, should you wish to take legal action against a party you suspect might have stolen your idea. CC Proof has experienced lawyers at its disposal who can help you in the event of any legal procedures to be initiated regarding intellectual property rights.


How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. You can also choose for a parkingsubscription. A parkingsubscription costs € 7,50 per year. With this subscription, it’s not possible to register new documents, but your registered documents are still accessible. You can cancel your subscription within your account or by emailing us (info@ccproof.nl).


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