“Talks with Students”; ELSA Summer Law School visited CC Proof®

Last Friday, 40 international students from the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) visited de Merkplaats and CC Proof for another “Talks with Students”.

After a week of lectures and presentations at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) and renowned law firms the Summer Law School, which focused on Intellectual Property this year, ended with a lecture at the office of de Merkplaats and CC Proof.

Objective: to introduce and enthuse the students with the intellectual property rights in practice.

After the lecture the event ended with a drink. Cliënt Perlee® accompanied the drink with music from a typical Dutch barrel organ which drew a lot of attention and even got some people dancing.

Long story short; again a successful “Talks with Students”!

“It’s very nice to finish a week of learning the possibilities of protecting your creations, with the innovative service of CC Proof which allows you to do this in an easy and inexpensive manner”

– Rowena Palijama, Director Summer Law School.