Elizabeth Holmes: a great idea at the age of 19, now a billionaire

Elizabeth had a great idea when she was 19 years old. She had enough confidence in this idea to quit her study and fulfill her idea. Now, ten years later she is a billionaire and she is in the top 100 of most influential people.


The so called ‘Nanotainer’ is replacing the traditional and feared injection needle for taking blood. The Nanotainer is not only a less painful proces, but it is also a cheaper and faster way to test blood for a wide range of diseases.

Elizabeth collaborated with the pharmacy company ‘Walgreens’ to test blood in thousands Wellness Centers.

Elizabeth saw her own fear for injection needles as an opportunity to improve the medical industry. By dedicating herself fully to her idea she is now the youngest female billionaire in the world. We like to see and share these stories at CC Proof.