‘Talks with…’: from startups at Rabobank Haarlem to students in the pub in Groningen

There are 22 startups left in the competition between all the startups of the Haarlemvalley These 22 startuos are now in the ‘Prepare your Startup Acadamy’ in which they are being prepared to bring their idea with success into practice.

A lecture by Alphons Geerlings LL.M. and Sam van den Berg about intellectual property can’t be lacked in this Startup Academy.


Change Making Media (now also a CC Proof-user) captured the first day of ‘Prepare your Startup Academy’ and made a nice video about it. Click on the pictere aside to see it.

Curious about the nominated startups? Click here!

Lecture in the pub for students of the S.G.O.R.

Afbeelding van S.G.O.R.The ‘Talks with Students’ with S.G.O.R. (Student association for Entrepreneurship and Law) took place in the cellar of the Dog’s Bollocks in Groningen. It was the first time that we did a presentation with beer in our hands. Hopefully not the last: there was a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of interaction because of the setting.

There was a big interest: as a student you don’t learn a lot from university about how it works in practice. Luckily de Merkplaats with 15 years experience in IE-law agrees to share their experience in the ‘Talks with students’.

Also interested in a ‘Talks with…’? Please mail to info@ccproof.nl.