Marjoleine Tel launches new novel ‘Campinggeluk’

Campinggeluk, M

‘Sneaking off to the toilet with a toilet roll hidden under your arm! Twisting and turning all night on a paper-thin sleeping mat! Meals from a can or greasy chips for dinner every single day!’ Those friends of hers would be so surprised if they dropped in. Linda had her own toilet, slept between sexy silk sheets and cooked fabulous meals in her fully-equipped little kitchen…

In Holland, almost everyone either loves or hates camping. Campsite Bliss is the first novel to delve into the genuine article: life on a Dutch campsite. The feel-good story, full of humour and romance, rings true and at the same time gives an insightful glimpse into our camping culture.

Pursuit between tug-of-war and bingo
Linda, spoiled by holidays in hotels, is forced to spend two weeks in a caravan on a campsite pitch next to Wendy, a die-hard camping enthusiast. In between the tug-of-war, bingo and a Tupperware party, their lives become more and more deeply entwined in their passionate pursuit of campsite bliss. Not least thanks to their shared interest: the campsite manager, who is threatening to break his own rules.

Cheerful design
Campsite Bliss is a wonderful holiday read for women over 20 and their book-loving partners (from back-to-basics traditional campers to glamping fans). With its cheerful design, it takes readers through the entire entertainment programme and the campsite rules at Sand’s Edge campsite in Vlinsteren.


Campinggeluk Cover