Guest lecture of CC Proof and de Merkplaats at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Last tuesday Alphons Geerlings LL.M. & Sam van den Berg went to Rotterdam to give a guest lecture during the SURF event at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. The subject: ‘Why protect your design?’.

Sam gives a lecture

After other guest lectures at inter alia InHolland and Nyenrode it was now the turn of Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam to be informed about intellectual property. By giving lectures at creative academies we notice that the students have a shortage of awareness of intellectual property. This causes that firms, which work together with the academies, handle the intellectual property of students careless. Moreover the students have trouble with spreading there wings and expand their own creativity after graduating.

We think that the cause of this is the lack of awareness of intellectual property during the study. By being aware of your copyrights it is easier to see the power of your own work. Are you looking for a party to give a creative guest college about intellectual property? Then please email to