Emmy for Dutch TV format ‘The Voice’!

Besides Michael Douglas, director Steven Soderbergh and drama serie Breaking Bad, John de Mol has won an Emmy Award for his TV show ‘The Voice’. The Format ‘The Voice’ has been sold to more than 40 countries. Last night the American version won the Emmy Award for Best Reality Competition. John de Mol, the man who created the TV-format, was present at the ceremony. The Emmy Awards were held at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.


Infringement of copyright
Michael Roy Barry, a screenwriter from Ireland, has claimed that he is the man responsible for the idea behind ‘The Voice’. Thomas Notermans, spokesman for Talpa, contradicts this: “The fact is that Mr. Barry hasn’t produced evidence for years”.

CC Proof
In case of a legal dispute, it is very important that you can prove the realization of your idea on a certain date. By registering your TV-Format with CC Proof, you provide yourself with legal evidence which you can produce in the event of a legal conflict to demonstrate that you are the owner of the copyright.