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Protecting a work

Protecting a work

Registering with CC Proof will provide you with tangible evidence that you are the creator of your original work and own the copyright.
Article One of the Dutch Copyright Law states that copyright is the exclusive right of the author of a literary, scientific or artistic work or his successors in title, to publish and duplicate such work.
More information on copyright law
Copyright is immediately obtained after the creation of the work. An idea needs to be given form so that others may perceive it; a tangible medium of expression. To prove that you own the copyright it is important that you can prove that you are the original creator of the work. CC Proof is the right place to provide you with this evidence.
Within a couple of minutes CC Proof enables you to give your work an official date of birth.
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Berner Convention
The image above shows in blue which countries have signed the Berner Convention. Within these countries you have copyright protection as the creator of a work.
It will be possible to claim copyright protection in all of these countries with the evidence that CC Proof provides you.
Seal your work

Seal your work

Inextricably link your name to your work, leave no room for discussion as to the moment of ownership of your work, evidence is impossible to be deleted or tampered with.
It is advisable to register every document of which you might deem it necessary to prove that it is your work. Your CC Proof account makes this possible because it allows you to register an unlimited amount of documents.
A wide array of works can be uploaded; business plans, designs, radio or television formats, legal documents, concepts for new products and services, architectural drawings, recipes, manuscripts, film scripts, lyrics, audio, video, minutes of meetings, photographic material, computer software, drawings, contracts. You name it. As long as the file is in PDF format it is possible.
Learn more about which works can have copyright protection.
By uploading your elaborated work to CC Proof it will be properly documented and recorded. This entails that:
  • The document cannot be deleted from the cloud, nor can it be tampered with.
  • The exact moment in time of uploading is established, leaving no room for discussion.
  • The document is inextricably linked to your name.
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Share work responsibly

Share work responsibly

trademarks Three well-known symbols, all of which imply intellectual property. An imporant part of protecting your work is communicating to others that your work is protected. CC Proof offers you support with this communication, making it fun, easy and even profitable!
CC Proof enables you to send registered documents to third parties using your CC Proof account. Moreover you can send numerous works to different parties accompanied by a supplementary text.
By sending your work through CC Proof to other parties you ensure that:
  • The recipient immediately knows that your work is registered.
  • The exact moment in time the sending took place is registered.
  • The email address of the recipient is registered.
  • The document will be officially shared with the recipient.
As a CC Proof user you have the possibility of placing the CC Proof notice on your website. Placing the CC Proof notice on your website will prove to have preventive as wel as a profitable effects:
  • You provide evidence that your work has copyright protection, making it less attractive to plagiarize your work.
  • The CC Proof notice bears witness to the endorcement of intellectual property, leaving a professional impression on visitors to your website.
  • Every client we receive through your CC Proof notice will earn you a 10% provision.
Interested in using the CC Proof notice? Click here and let us know.
cc proof notice2

An example: I amsterdam

In the case of I amsterdam the following happened:

In an attempt to improve Amsterdam’s international allure, and climb within the ranks of world cities, the city council hired the prestigious advertising agency KesselsKramer.

The new logo KesselKramer had designed for Amsterdam was proudly presented in the summer of 2004, I amsterdam would be the city’s new reputed slogan.

To Vanessa van Dam’s surprise, the ‘new’ logo was almost an exact copy of her design she had made two years previously…..

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The CC Proof subscription

  • Unlimited document registration
  • Share work securely
  • CC Proof notice on your website
The subscription is valid for 1 year and will be automatically renewed. It’s possible to cancel your subscription before the end of the current billing period or change it to a Parking subscription. With a Parking subscription of only € 7,50 per year (excl. VAT), you won’t be able to register any documents, but all the other functionalities will be available. You can choose a Parking subscription after the CC Proof subscription.

Parking subscription

  • Unlimited document registration
  • Share work securely
  • CC Proof notice on your website

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