2015: reward innovation with residence permit!

As a starting entrepreneur outside the European Union, you can request a residence permit from 1 January. With a residence permit as a ‘start-up’ young and ambitious innovative starters get a year time to start an innovative enterprise in the Netherlands.

The five most important conditions of a residence permit:

1. There is a collaboration with a reliable and expert facilitator (companion). The facilitator guides the starting entrepreneur to set up the enterprise. The facilitator has to be financially sound.

2. The product or service is innovative. For example:
– The product or service is new in the Netherlands.
– There is used a new technology of production, distribution or marketing.
– There is an innovative organizational setup or method.

3. The starting entrepreneur has a plan to make an idea to an innovative company.

4. The starting entrepreneur and the facilitator are registered in the trade register of the ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ (Chamber of Commerce).

5. The starting entrepreneur has to have enough money to live in the Netherlands and set up a company.

CC Proof totally supports innovative and stimulating arrangements like these. Especially in durability there is a great need for innovation; national borders should not have an inhibitory effect.

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